Sunday, May 17, 2009


I rode 30 miles yesterday! I love my new bike. It's so fast, or maybe I'm fast due to my intense pedaling. haha... Either way, I am so excited! I have my first race on June 27-28, 175 miles. Then another one July 4th, and then I've got to find a couple more. My Duathlon is in September and I'm still planning on running the Provo Half.

I'm playing my first game of golf today with my Daddy and Joshua. We are gonna have a blast and a half. Gotta warm up first on the driving range. I don't really know how to play golf, I took lessons back in 1991 or '92. I can't remember. I don't care though. I have a set of clubs and I'm going. If nothing else I'll enjoy the sun on my face, the beer and the most of all the company of fabulous men that I love.

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